How might we automate print publishing capabilities to support more than 400,000 products across a wide variety of customers and geographic areas?
The goal is to generate the right print piece with the right products for the right people at the right time. Scope includes publishing software and print products as well as integration with or changes to: Customer Information Management, Product Information Management, and Content Management.

This project is an exploration of the range of capabilities of on demand custom print catalogs and infrastructure needed to support it. The sampling of documentation below is in service of defining the problem space and developing a shared vocabulary. My process consisted of stakeholder and customer interviews, deep dives into Gamut's product data structure, SME interviews, and competitive analysis.

Print Output Archetypes

Publishing Flows Exploring Necessary DAM and CMS Functionality
We used the Zachman Framework to analyze content creation, management, and publishing process, cross referencing enterprise software archetypes that typically manage each part of the process. Designing a specialized system would require integrating each of these components into one piece of software. Because of the advantage of a unified system and disadvantage of the large scale, we had an opportunity to develop microservices that could be used and improved independently while connecting to each other at critical points in the workflow.

Customer Flow Map

Product Display Breakdown

Design Principles
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