Designed a scalable experience giving departments more control over their content (no matter how much or how little they generate) and a richer, more streamlined experience for prospective students that lead them through the department experience into the Admissions funnel
• Content duplicated on department, degree, and admissions pages
• Department page had a lot of content, Admissions had little, and the pages weren’t well-connected
• Pages updated yearly prior to the admissions cycle, not tailored for returning users who are still deciding
• Departments generate new content in different amounts and at different rates
• New content restricted to a half-covered rotating slideshow and right sidebar
• Page design was generic, giving departments little ability to showcase their personality
• Simplify Admissions funnel
• Eliminate duplicate content and pages
• Feature department-created content
• Allow for scalability
• Make the page more visually engaging

• Research competitor sites
• Gather decision-makers to review current site, discuss priorities, and define content options
• Rough sketches to define architecture and block out functionality and content
• High fidelity wireframes presented for review
• Build-out phase including bi-weekly check-ins with stakeholders

Selected Screens
Text is brief, allowing users to engage with more visual content.

Plug and play content types feature stories and events

Apply Now button stays fixed with menu, and turns color at the bottom of the page, locking into an Admissions call to action.

• Improved SEO by reducing redundant content and pages
• Increased user time on pages; fewer exits to other areas of the site
• Heat maps show more scrolling activity and interactions below the fold
• Met admissions goals for new admits
• Developed image-rich dynamic content areas that scale
• High praise from admissions and administration; other academic departments eager to adopt new design
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